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Black dating experiment is a blog run by two sisters, one black and one white. My name is Maria and I was brought up in a multiracial household here in London, UK. My mother and father are both white but since I was 5 I have lived with my father and his black wife, who I call my mother. My sister Claire is fully black and theoretically my step sister but we consider ourselves sisters having been raised together from a young age. We have 3 younger mixed siblings who are the product of our parents marriage.

My sister is beautiful, smart, cultured and eloquent. One day she joined up on a dating site. She expressed her disappointment at how very few black men were interested in dating her. The ones that she messaged first would very often ignore her and the ones that did express interest were not that interested, seemingly expecting her to ask them out on dates. She said that she got the feeling that a lot of black men held great disdain for black women. I found it hard to believe that what Claire was saying could be true so we set about (albeit in a deceptive manner) discovering the truth.

I set up a profile myself (as a chick called Lauren) making it very similar to her own profile. We are both the same age (30) so I left the age the same. The results were astounding. I started off messaging the men that had ignored her to see if they would bite, and bite they did. We then set about wooing them and then throwing stereotypes at them and cussing black women to see if any of them would stand up for black women or themselves. I was very disappointed to see that virtually all of them did not (JUST ONE DID so KUDOS to him). They were so desperate to bag a blonde beauty that they laughed off any insults and begged Lauren to meet, even when she would pull out her gold digger card. A few of the guys Claire even spoke to on the telephone pretending to be our blonde beauty. She continued in the same vein on the phone and still NONE said a thing. It is truly shocking.

See the results below and thank you for reading. Please note: Each post must be read from the BOTTOM - UP.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

He Loves His Sisters Dearly Even With Attitude and Bad Weave

Another self loather who agrees with our blonde beauty that black women have bad attitudes and bad weaves and get this... He has 5 sisters! No more words are needed just read below and remember to read from the bottom up.


Welcome said...

Kudos to you two for doing this! It's a sad truth that many BW in the black community do not want to accept, but really must wake up! There are different races of men out there. We don't have to be with men or waiting on men who hate us, disrespect us, and don't want us just because we are black like them. BW take heed and move the hell on. Don't announce just bounce!

You might want to think of doing a documentary sort of like the one about BW and black hair and the one about being a dark skinned BW/BG. Sometimes the ugly truths people try to keep hidden help folks to wake up. It's hard to miss when it's right there in your face plain as day.

The Stylish Mr Gordon said...


I saw this recently going around twitter. There was a debate there and I had to jump in because I was astounded to read that black guys who have endured centuries of slavery, poor treatment and an unequal playing field can still be so dumb that they allow their families to be mocked.

This guy is obviously so dumb he took the bait and thought it appropriate to laugh it off when his mother, sisters, aunts and nieces (as black women) were being insulted. I am not sure if this post was totally to catch silly black guys like this out or to show the mindset of people like this guy. Either way, it did not make happy reading.

The guy can date whoever he wants, but this dude stands for nothing (well not black women.

Lastly, what would have been interesting to find out is if black women would act the same to bag themselves a white man. I'm certain if they did they would not be able to insult his mother.

Anonymous said...

This should send a message to black women that you are not protected and you should therefore move on and stay gone.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to do this experiment and posting on it.

onelesssoldier said...

Wow, just wow. Thanks for putting this site up. Black women we really need to get a clue. Move on! I've linked this site on my blog. I hope more black women see this!

Leo Princess said...

Jeez, this is highly disturbing. How did these 'men' get this way? Why do they feel the need to denigrate black women en mass to justify wanting to date white women, AND lap up racist b.s. from their Dream Woman just for the chance to get with her?

Myra said...

Thanks for posting this, it really is sad.

Nicole said...

As a Black woman I'm not surprised by any of this.

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