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Black dating experiment is a blog run by two sisters, one black and one white. My name is Maria and I was brought up in a multiracial household here in London, UK. My mother and father are both white but since I was 5 I have lived with my father and his black wife, who I call my mother. My sister Claire is fully black and theoretically my step sister but we consider ourselves sisters having been raised together from a young age. We have 3 younger mixed siblings who are the product of our parents marriage.

My sister is beautiful, smart, cultured and eloquent. One day she joined up on a dating site. She expressed her disappointment at how very few black men were interested in dating her. The ones that she messaged first would very often ignore her and the ones that did express interest were not that interested, seemingly expecting her to ask them out on dates. She said that she got the feeling that a lot of black men held great disdain for black women. I found it hard to believe that what Claire was saying could be true so we set about (albeit in a deceptive manner) discovering the truth.

I set up a profile myself (as a chick called Lauren) making it very similar to her own profile. We are both the same age (30) so I left the age the same. The results were astounding. I started off messaging the men that had ignored her to see if they would bite, and bite they did. We then set about wooing them and then throwing stereotypes at them and cussing black women to see if any of them would stand up for black women or themselves. I was very disappointed to see that virtually all of them did not (JUST ONE DID so KUDOS to him). They were so desperate to bag a blonde beauty that they laughed off any insults and begged Lauren to meet, even when she would pull out her gold digger card. A few of the guys Claire even spoke to on the telephone pretending to be our blonde beauty. She continued in the same vein on the phone and still NONE said a thing. It is truly shocking.

See the results below and thank you for reading. Please note: Each post must be read from the BOTTOM - UP.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Mixed Race Guy From Stratford

So this guy was desperate for a date with our blonde beauty. Even on the phone when she spoke to him she was spewing the same filth that she did in the messages and he still wasn't giving up on her. Stated she was the type of woman he would want to marry. If this isn't self hate I don't know what is. Read from the bottom up.


Dee Dee Russell said...

I'm reading this from San Francisco, California, got linked over from

Your blog is eye opening. I date interracially and not ONCE have I dissed BM to a WM and not ONCE has a WM dissed BM to me and if they did I'd check him and say good-bye.

Your blog should be spread far and wide!!

Bobi said...

Thank you for doing this experiment. I hope it will open some delusional bw's eyes. For me, there were no surprises...only confirmations. BM are a trip indeed. It wouldn't be much different on this side of the pond either.

Anonymous said...

As a Black woman, there are no surprises to me here either, just confirmations. Black men are the only race of men who not only refuse to defend their women, but love to go out of their way to routinely diss and degrade them.
Thank you for doing this experiment - as the poster above said, this should be spread far and wide.
The only thing I am sorry you did not do was show their names and photos. That's right - NAME and SHAME them!! If these black men are bold enough to have such self-hatred and ignorant attitudes towards their own race, then they should be held accountable and be willing to defend those attitudes.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What can I say. I know I am late posting this but I have to say it's quite sad to see there are STUPID black males all over the world. They are not only here in the USA, they are everywhere. If I were a nonblack female I wouldnt give these dumb assholes a chance. I agree black women need to be MORE open to non-blackmen PERIOD. But choose wisely. Who would have thought I would see the day that of all the men in the men would be so predjudice against their own. SMH. KUDOS TO THE BLACK GUY WHO DECLINED.

M said...

Though I've seen some of my Black Brethren/Sister did downgrade a member of their own like this, I just cannot see myself do this with a person from another race.

Although it wasn't about dating, I had an aunt that actually told two colleagues that she works better around White people than Black... and they were both White! I almost fell through the floor when I heard that. I'm like do you know what color you are?

To me, anybody who can go out speak poorly a member of their own race to another person of another race can't think much about themselves and their family .Its just a crazy thing to do.

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